Prediction of JP Morgan Regarding Micro-betting Boom in US

In sports betting the big thing likely to be taking place is micro-betting, this is a prediction according to Daniel Politzer who is heading a team of JPMorgan analysts.

The main derivatives from the counterpart of in-game are micro betting. In an in-game event doing a bet on the game is known as a micro wager. In Europe live wagering is much more popular, moreover, domestic sports are popular and conducive to micro betting. In the UK almost 75 percent of live wager bets on all sports.

According to the forecast, by 2025 sports wagering market in the US will be valued at $9.25 billion which will be driven by different forms of live betting. In contrast to the projection, it is a relative estimate. Based on 100 percent legalization, online betting on domestic sports could be worth $22 billion eventually, according to DraftKings.

Implication of Micro-Betting

Within the industry, the most attention catcher is live wagering. Australia’s points Bet, an in-game which operates in the US also, recently marked a footprint in Banach Technology and is paying $43 billion.

JP Morgan’s analysts did not mention specifically the benefits derived from proliferation in in-game micro betting. Therefore, all are around to guess the benefits of the online sports betting market in the US.

Future Predictions of FuboTV

The field of live wagering is full of opportunity, this is said so publicly by Jason Robbins (CEO of DraftKings). Based on this statement few operators are started teasing this micro concept already. In 2020, on a free-to-play game Simple bet partnered with FanDuel, this is an example of teasing the micro concept.

JPMorgan analyst creates a blossom on the micro-wagering market. but others are considering it as a bull thesis, considering that there are other possible winners in the sports betting market.

In the in-game FuboTV could act as a force eventually. It could eventually act as a force in an event-driven market.

Another company that can take off in the micro betting industry is Bally’s Crop. This company has its own experience of sports wagering extensively and deal with the Sinclair Broadcast Group using the regional sports network.

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