871 Illegal Malta Based Slot Machines Seized by Colombian Regulator

Colombia’s betting regulator Coluegos has reported that it seized 871 illegal slot betting machines in 2020. Getting the opportunity to work with the country Attorney General, the Fiscal and Customs Police, and the Army had shut down all the Coljuegos all those machines in areas all over the country when Coljuegos considered to be operating without approval.

The highest numbers of illegal machines were in Quindo, with some around 256 terminals closed. Some around 206 machines were found in Cartagena, and 168 machines in the region of Barranquilla, and another 110 in Medellin.

The machines originated a reckoned $8.1 million in only unlicensed revenue. Coljuegos have also reported about 90 prosecutions relating to illegal betting activities were executed in 2020.

Carlos Andres Zarate, manager for the regulation of illegal operations at Coljeugos, praised the work completed by agents in 2020 to handle and control unlicensed betting, in spite of their advancement having been impeded by the coronavirus pandemic.

Colombian Finance Health

Zarate said that they had managed to proceed with the seizure of a very crucial number of slot machines that had been running illegally, and that translated into lost assets that could have been deployed to back the Colombian’s financial health.

The latest report comes into the light after Colombian market association La Fecoljeugo announced last week that a county illegal virtual betting ring bringing in revenue of 3 billion COP per month got shut down.

The group of 15-member known as Los Poker ran illegal betting at nearly 62 different URLs with betting services provided given by a Malta Gaming Authority or MGA based supplier.

Zarate expressed concerns about the more illegal slot machines that are still active all across the country. He promised that he would do his best to seize all illegal gaming running over the nation.

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