A Huge Gambling Exhibition Scheduled in February by Ukrainian Gaming Week

Smile-Expo has been set in such a way so that it can hold the biggest betting event that has been taken place ever in Ukraine in the upcoming February of the next year. The event will be launched with the UGW (Ukrainian Gaming Week), and it is being predicted that the event may take place on 24-25 February 2021 gathering the industry’s leaders, along with the politicians as well as the representatives of the community. After the adoption of new betting legislation, this can be the first time.

A Huge Gambling Exhibition

This year, in August, bill 2285-d was carefully signed into the law, regulating and legalizing the gambling process in the country. This decision has been expected long, which may bring newer and more revenues to the nation, and it may also assist the currency struggling budget, which is hardly affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event has been appreciated highly, and it may take place in Kyiv city at the IEC Pavilion of 4-B. the organizers will host the most important exhibition and will get the services and products for the betting industries through the top software companies and operators. This event will feature an award as well as a conference ceremony. The space for the entire exhibition is around 5,000 square meters and will offer sufficient space to exhibit the best features of the industry. Around 100 companies are being anticipated to join in that event, and nearly three thousand people may attend.

As the gambling industry is slowly changing, the event will give several benefits to the people who are interested in learning more things. One of those benefits includes useful connections, which can be made. The VIPs can meet others and can discuss the exhibitors, other attendees as well as the speakers. In addition to this, there will be different kinds of people in that attendance. Therefore, everybody can easily make new connections in the betting industries by exchanging or sharing their experiences. Casino operators, software developers, payment processing industries, offices, and many will participate in this large event.