A Longtime Betting Sport Signals Its Slow End When Florida Observes Dog Racing’s Demise

Greyhound racing comes to an end in Florida on the eve of New Year. This happens after more than two years since the Sunshine State voters told they wanted to renounce betting on dog races. Some explain this phenomenon as the imminent death of sports nationwide.

A dog known as Bug Brush crossed the end line at Palm Beach Kennel Club first in West Palm Beach at around midnight on the eve of New Year as said the NBC news. This all ended legal dog racing and signaled a probable extinction of the game in the US.

Dog racing has become legal in Florida in 1931. At that time, the NY state had 11 out of 17 dog trails in the country. However, in 2018’s November, voters in New York excessively granted amendment 13 to prohibit the sport at 2020’s end.

With this, Arkansas, Iowa, and Virginia remain the only three legal dog race gaming venues. Tracks in Alabama and Texas went almost out of business in the previous year as the giant news network reported. In 1980, the country had around 60 dog tracks in over 12 states started from Connecticut to Arizona.

Plummeting Interest

Laws are being deployed in almost 41 states prohibiting dog racing. Anti-racing Organization of GREY2K’s Christine Dorchak said to NBC News that her team was pushing for an official abolishment.

Even without a countrywide prohibition, dog racing was making less success at gaming windows than in past years. Iowa’s one and only dog track located on pace in the previous year for its third year of lower gaming total.

Wagering also gets down for three successive years at Arkansas’ dog race, Southland Casino race in West Memphis. The track is all across the larger Memphis, Tennessee. Gamers wagered only $14.2 million on active dog races at Southland.

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