A Second Lockdown Has Been Faced by Pennsylvania Casinos while Maryland Halves Its Capacity

Casinos in Pennsylvania are about to go back under another pandemic lockdown. At the same time, Maryland’s venues will observe their capacity gets halved again. On Thursday, the governor of Pennsylvania, Team Wolf, proclaimed a new pandemic lockdown guideline that will lead casinos of around 12 states to close their doors. The newest guideline will come into effect on Saturday at 12:01 a.m. Another casino of the same state, Rivers Casino Philadelphia, had been shut down on November 20 under the new “Safer at Home” prohibitions.

A Second Lockdown Has Been Faced by Pennsylvania Casinos

Currently, Rivers Philadelphia is about to reopen on January 2, while all the other dozens of casinos will not be permitted to give room to the customers until Monday morning on January 4. This new guideline will apply not only to casinos but also virtually to any venue that offers indoor entertainment.

Team Wolf, who made the announcement after he had come positive in the COVID-19 test. He, in his announcement, used words like “painful” and “frustrating” to narrate the second lockdown procedure. However, the condition is unbelievably dire to alert “further assuaging efforts” after Pennsylvania recorded thousands of deaths induced by Covid-19 in the last week.

The casinos tolerated the hit of a three-month shutdown this last Spring. According to Penn Live, executives from nine casinos sent a written plea to Wolf arguing against this second lockdown decision. In their argument, they have stated about the tens of millions of their investment to install every kind of imaginable safeguard and trainers to guide customers through an infallible safety procedure.

It’s only a month ago when Pennsylvanian casinos were celebrating success for their effective effort in protecting their employees from Covid-19. At that time, the state reported that the coronavirus spreading rate is around two-third of that of Nevada’s. Now with this announcement of the second lockdown, their time of merriment has reached an end. All their pleas and urges have fallen on a deaf ear, and the Tea Wolf hasn’t moved from his announced statement.

In the meantime, gaming revenue in Maryland Casino fell around 8.6% between October and November, calling an end to the growth streak since the reopening of the casinos.

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