After Covid 19 Enforced Shutdown Casinos in Holland Reopens

Holland Casino reopened all the facilities today after the closures enforced by the Coronavirus pandemic. The country’s slot arcades are also granted to open from this week. The location had been closed since the previous year’s mid-March and was only set to reopen on Sep 1 initially.

However, after the prolonged delay in the reopening, it was criticized by both the national betting industry trade association VAN Kansspelen and the operator, Hugo de Jonge, Dutch Health Minister, and the Prime Minister Mark Rutte, proclaimed the relaunched date would be evoked forward to Jul 1.

Refurbishment of Everything

Erwin van Lambaart, Holland Casino Chief, said that they were highly happy that they were open again and that they can then fulfill their social tasks. He also added that as of that day, their valued guests could securely and responsibly enjoy their hospitality and their enthralling pieces of games.  In his statement, Lambart also stated that they had fully refurbished all branches in accordance with the 1.5-meter social distancing directive while holding up the traditional atmospheric environment that the inhabitants of the Netherland use to get from them. They asked everyone to reserve a room in the casino and adhere to all the published regulations.

Van Lambaart also added that slot machines, roulette, and blackjack tables would be available, and so would-be restaurants and bars on the spot. He continued saying that their 4,000 employees were ready for their visitors and had given special training.

Holland Casino has taken special security and safety plan based on the advice given by several departments of the government. Lambaart gave workers credit for their dedication stating that they had worked hard to set their casinos up, abiding by all the protocols and guidelines of the RIVM, without giving any concession to the atmosphere and their hospitality.

VAN Kansspel appreciated the reopening of both slot arcades and Holland Casino all across the nation.

Vincenzo Davari, a writer on Sweden's best online casino, is a reporter by profession, but a learner by nature who provides informative news regarding casinos and gambling. When he gets free time, he loves to travel and explore the unknown. His diligent work helped him to get the Journalist’s Award twice.