Buenos Aires Are Reopening Casinos Sticking to the Protocols Strictly

Buenos Aires is reopening the accessibility to the slot machines, but at the same time, they will be limiting access to roulette, bingo, and other gambling types at their gambling venues. The Province of Buenos Aires had confirmed the launch of the bingos and casinos, and it declared that the opening might be beginning from the 14th December of 2020. It also announced that, unfortunately, the gamers would be able to operate and enjoy only the slot machines.

Casinos Sticking

On Tuesday, the declaration was built after a meeting held by the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Province, Carlos Bianco, with the trade unionists and businessmen from the gaming zone and the chiefs of the Provincial Institute of Lotteries and Casinos, called Maria Laura Garcia and Omar Galdurralde in presence.

In a press release, the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires highlighted that the measure was the 3rd stage of the slow openings of the gambling in the Buenos Aires, and the reopening of the betting and gambling agencies had also been authorized in May, and in August the equestrian operations had been permitted.

The measure activates the opening of the places in 44 bingos and 11 casinos operating in that province. But it applies to the slot machines only, and other gambling options like roulette, bingo in that venue will not be available. All the properties will be operated under strict rules and sanitary, and the players can also enjoy those places that are regarded as free of risks. The measure firmly establishes that the gambling places may operate at most 30% of their entire capacity, and the venues must be vacant within two hours for ventilation and sanitization. Besides, all the players have to declare that they aren’t infected with the novel coronavirus.

The employees of the betting room also go through the sanitized carpets. In addition, they will also have to use a face mask during the work. Neither beverages nor foods will be allowed in any rooms, and the slot-machine will be split up to stay in favor of social distancing regulations. For possible adjustments, the venues need to be opened gradually.

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