Casino Gaming Booms in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there booms a regulated offline gambling market where the Dutch now enjoy casino gaming. It includes the following:

  • 14 casinos run by Holland Casino
  • A host of charity lotteries
  • A state lottery
  • A monopoly on lottery
  • Sports betting
  • A monopoly on horseracing
  • Private operators of 42000 slot machines

This market is believed to be worth around €2 billion of annual turnover. It is important to note that the Dutch government had earlier postponed the launch of regulated online gambling until June 2021. However, amid the lockdown-induced social distancing and self-isolation norms, people took to online casinos.

The Dutch Government has outlawed all forms of online gambling, which is why people from the country have chosen to play at foreign casinos instead.

It is worth noting that the Dutch gaming industry is one of the world’s most rapidly growing ones with a market which is more active than that in other countries. However, this market is largely dominated by foreign operators, which is why the Netherlands is gearing up for a change.

Technology is a major differentiator and the online gaming community is growing by leaps and bounds. Technological advancements mean games that are graphically more attractive, hardware that is more enhanced, storylines that are more engaging and communications that are way faster. To that end, online slot machines are gaining popularity among players who look for sites that offer a secured environment for entertainment.

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