Casino Slump Failed Keeping Nevada Sportsbooks from Earning Record Gaming Revenue in November

Casino gaming in Nevada earned a record revenue which took a massive amount of revenue in November, though the state’s sports betting industry had taken a major hit.

Figures and statistics released on Tuesday by the Gaming Control Board of Nevada show gaming revenue in casinos statewide of around $771.2 million in November which is nearly a 17.8% reduction from last year’s November month and about $50 million less than that of October 2020.

This reduction was observed straight on the Las Vegas Strip, which observed its gaming revenue come to nearly one-third year-on-year in November. Most other areas also purported opposite growth, though Downtown Las Vegas being far less credible on foreign or non-local consumers and also getting benefitted from the last first complete month of the new property of Circa, has gained 1.7% to around $53 million.

Statewide slots earned revenue slid almost 14.3% to about $528.5 million in November, while the “counter, table, and card games” types tumbled almost 24.4% to around $242.65 million. Every product in the latter types was the opposite of growth even including blackjack which experienced a 32.6% tumble and achieved $58.1 million. The same goes for games like baccarat, craps, and roulette.

Unique November

The several smiling faces in casinos of Nevada were over sportsbooks last month. The sportsbook told the revenue successfully doubling year-on-year to hit a record amount of $618 million which is higher than all other table games. The sportsbooks gave credit to an almost 10.1%-win rate of the casino. Credit had also been given to the record number of football betting handles around $502 million which led the casino earning record football betting revenue of around $55.9 million.

The state has shown extraordinary performance while the overall betting revenue earned countrywide is still beneath the norm.

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