Casinos in Chile Take More Time to Come Round Restriction

Casinos are not going to exempt Chile’s inhabitants from boredom drawn to their lives from the pandemic lockdown by letting them involve in all the exciting gambling actions. Recently, Jose Luis Uriate, the undersecretary of Chile, announced that making any compliance to casino workers’ plead to reopen all the casinos immediately would not be possible for him. He could not show any timeframe indicating the time gamblers and casino employees still need to wait to get their dream venues open.

Beforehand, employees of two well-regarded casinos in the country, Marina del Sol and Dreams Casino, sent letters to the authority praying for allowing casino activities to restart in Phase 1 and Phase 2 areas according to Covid-19 protocol of Chile. Both of those regions are observing more commercial activities recently. However, the casinos in those areas haven’t got the full exposure to all those activities.

Employees and other associates of Sun Monticello radiated eagerness in offering their supports and efforts to make that happen. They all gathered up in a San Francisco de Mostazal commune to make a shore for their demands and get it heard.

The Hope Still Remains Kindled

In response, Uriate said that the time was not optimal for the country to let the casinos come alive. In addition to his statement, he said that the uncertain and complicated nature of the situation made it unthoughtful for them to deliver a specific timeline. He tried not to put out the flame of hope in the pleaders’ minds while asserting that the decision was subjected to be re-evaluated at any time by the authority. If they find their grip over the pandemic situations strong enough, the current restriction on the casinos will change.

Chile, laying the context of the global pandemic and its threat, began discussing and assessing the possibility of letting the brick-and-mortar casinos install virtual alternatives. Though no conclusion could be drawn out of those discussions, they have raised two bills regarding the modernization of the casino industry in Chile and the establishment of an iGaming structure.

Casinos in Chile came to a stand-still when Covid-19 stroke the world. November observed some casinos restart, even though only 11% of the properties could get back and 57% visitation was allowed. With this, the industry lost 44% of its year-on-year revenue, providing Chile only $1.8 million in tax revenue.

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