Closed Nevada Casinos Gets Unloaded by Boyd Gaming

Some severely needed cash has been picked up by Boyd Gaming Company. This casino operator proclaimed that it is finalizing the handover of one of Nevada Casinos. This selling will keep the operator alive in this critical time of coronavirus pandemic by filling the company’s pocket with some money. The Eldorado Casino, which is located in Henderson, is waiting for the final clearance from the state regulators before the Casino gets included in the profile of DeSimone Gaming.

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Even when Nevada withdrew its anti-coronavirus protocol, the Eldorado Casino did not respond to that withdrawal. The major reason behind this indifference was its estimation of the internal condition, which leads the company to conclude its inability to earn a considerable amount of revenue. In their announcement regarding the sale of the property, the company’s Corporate Communications’ VP David Strow remarked on the Casino, telling it a “non-core” asset that represents only a modest part of all Boyd’s total revenue-generating properties. When casino operators worriedly returned to their business after the relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions, Eldorado remained closed. The authority acknowledged that this property of theirs would remain closed until June next year. Eldorado was one of the three assets that Boyd held close. The other two are Main Street Station and Eastside Cannery. Boyd has not referred anything about the reopening of these two venues yet.

DeSimone Gaming has been picking up an asset that seems most likely at a reasonable price. The newly achieved property is located in such a city, which is a playground to numerous existing casinos. The city has recently announced the construction of another casino. A company named Marnell Gaming Management seems eager to build another casino resort in Henderson, and the company is currently working with The City Council to make the project come into reality. Henderson is also the mother ground of practicing facilities for a couple of prime sports teams named the American Hockey League’s Silver Knights and the Las Vegas Raiders.

The money that has come from selling Eldorado will come in handy for Boyd. The Casino Operator will have a fairly generous year, and considering all the aspects, it is concentrating more on the casinos in California.


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