Concepts of Adults-Only and Smoke-free Casinos Takes Hold at Las Vegas

The latest trend to the hotel-casinos’ roster which is to place a rigid limit on smoking set out as resorts are testing new concepts to allure customers. Casinos with adults only concept are reflecting another idea which is under experiment while the city is still progressive in its recovery from the economic slump induced by the pandemic.

A couple of hotel-casinos have restricted everyone under 21 from entering their premises announcing them as adult-only casinos. Such a population can only reach those casinos’ designated restaurants. These casinos are Cromwell Las Vegas located on the strip and the other one is the Circa Resort in Las Vegas downtown.

Some veterans believe that the adults-only concept is to work best at small properties. Properties with skyscrapers and massive hotels are less likely to welcome such a concept at their doorsteps. Both resorts that have implemented the only-for-adult concept, don’t have many rooms, and they don’t fall in the category of massive hotels.

Smoke-Free Concept Lurks Around the Corner

The adult-only concept is not the only one walking down the street of the USA casino community. Another concept that suggests keeping a smoke-free environment in the Casino premises is on its roll.

In the last fall, Park MGM proclaimed that it would be a totally nonsmoking property. At the same time, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas banned all types of smoking in some public spaces except the gaming floor. Another entity, Resorts World, has decided to ban smoking throughout their property but in the casino. All three smoking banning entities are located on the west section of the strip.

A Park MGM Resorts executive, Anton Nikodemus, said that the decision to implement a smoke-free concept had been based upon the guest requests. The guests at Park MGM are seemingly requesting to keep the hotel environment smoking-free.

According to an American consultant for non-smokers, Randy Hayden, younger casino enthusiasts don’t want to work or visit hotels or casinos that remain filled with smoke. He claimed that the new generation happens to be more health-conscious than the older.

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