Darts Regulation Authority and MGA Enters into Data-sharing Agreement

Recently a data-sharing agreement signed between the Malta Gaming Authority and Darts Regulation Authority (DRA). This agreement is responsible for the international darts sports regulation. For overseeing the writing and concerning the darts regulation, the DRA is also accountable. DRA is accountable for amateur as well as professional ranks.

According to the DRA chairman, Nigel Mawer QPM, in keeping sports safe, the authority of DRA plays an important role. Moreover, the administration aimed to protest match-fixing, fraud in sports and make the sports free from corruption.

Data-sharing Agreement of DRA and MGA

The sports will be further protected through this agreement and partnership with MGA. Players who ruin the sporting spirit and breach betting rules will face a massive problem through this partnership agreement. Across the world, this agreement sent a strong message that DRA can prosecute and identify players.

MGA’s Sports Integrity Manager, Antonio Zerafa, stated that the sports betting foundations changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, even in this trying time, the ambition of the regulators has not diminished yet.

DRA is a new sport governing body, and the MGA aims to partner and works with such new sports bodies. The newly signed agreement will help the authority of DRA to looks forward the sports betting related cases and will help to investigate the corruption cases.

As the new agreement signed between DRA and MGA, a restricted resurrecting of gaming parlours on the island has also announced by the regulator.

Worldwide amateur and professional darts competition will regulate through this responsible body. This agreement aims to investigate betting-related corruption properly and to ensure suspicious activity.

In keeping sports data safe from match-fixing and corruption, the DRA performs a vital role, said Nigel Mawer, the chair. To protect the sports by DRA, this new MGA partnership will go a long way.

Antonio Zerafa again stated that though coronavirus creates a haphazard situation in sports betting foundation, it will now be able to diminish our ambition. Our ambitions towards partnering and meeting with new governing sports bodies cannot reduce through this unprecedented circumstance.


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