Deadline for Gambling-harm consultation has been Extended

Gambling-harm consultation is extended due to the high engagement of the customers. Great Britain’s Gambling Commission has increased the engagement with the Gambling operators in the last month. Improved actions and affordability can be found with the vulnerability measurement of the consumers.

Reasons for the extension

Because of the high engagement rate, the time has been extended largely than the previous time. The announcement of the consultation in the last month, suggests that the industry is not strong enough to reduce the financial harm to a great extent. The improvement in this process is needed as few of the beginner players are suffering from the insecurity in their payment system. According to the commission, if strict measures are not taken, the company may suffer in the long run because of the lack in the trustworthiness.

According to the regulatory commission, the operators have to work against the potential vulnerability of the consumers. The licensees have introduced the stronger requirements which may include the assessment in an affordable threshold.

For the announcement, the stakeholders are going through a strict condition. Though the consultation of the stakeholders is open for the customers a consistent standard is needed for the fulfilment of all the requirements. We need to gauge the demand of the customers to ensure the freedom and protection of the players.

An open discussion with the industry expert is needed for the new operators to reduce the harm regarding gambling. More time can be allowed for the extension of the licensing service. There is enough evidence of the customer harm by the gambling companies. The announcement of the open discussion has opened a new era for the gamblers as they may talk about their right and features they love.

To prevent gambling harm, Tim Miller, the Gambling Commission director has taken a variety of actions already.

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