Dr Carl Brincat has become the CEO of MGA!

The regulator’s Board of Governors has confirmed that Dr Carl Brincat has been appointed as the CEO of the Malta Gaming Authority. And this action has been announced to be in effect immediately.

After a lengthy and competitive selection process, the Board of Governors had selected Brincat for this post. Previously the board of directors called for applications from willing candidates. The application process started on 17th December 2020.

Dr Brincat is a lawyer by profession. Before selected as the MGA CEO, he has served as the chief legal and enforcement officer here. After three years of criminal law training, he joined the MGA’s legal team, which he has participated in for more than six years. He has been a part of the authority’s strategic direction team and has formed four governing committees in the past four years.

While his signing speech, Brincat said that it is an honour for him to be elected to lead the organization like MGA, particularly in its current critical juncture. He also said that “I am proud of the work that has been done so far by the authorities to raise regulatory standards and we are committed to continuing this path.”

He also added that “We need to build stronger partnerships with other regulators and partners and the industry itself to achieve a regulatory environment. Which meets MGA’s goals in the most effective, transparent and proportionate manner possible in a highly regulated environment and all these will be done abiding by the law.” His speech has inspired many online websites to get their license from MGA and legalize their I gaming business.

Dr Brincat is a regular speaker at local and international conferences on gaming and global regulatory control issues. He is a member of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit board. He sits as the Chamber of Advocates in the International Masters of Gaming Law, and the International Agency for Gambling controllers.

MGA has always been a trustworthy and pioneer license authority for online gambles. And now it has a worthy CEO like Dr Brincat. The online gambling industry will hopefully bloom by his presence.