EGT Interactive Has Made Partnership with Synottip

EGT Interactive is feeling very proud to expand its global footprint with the Synottip agreement in the Czech Republic area. Through this agreement, they are getting a fruitful collaboration with operators in Czech. Synottip has a great reputation as the best service provider in the online betting industry.

Reasons for this collaboration

EGT’s theme regarding the classic games has already caught the attention of plenty of players around the world. To hold their reputation based on the existing situation, they are creating outstanding content for the local players in Czech.

Both of the sides have fixed a high goal and become very determined for outstanding achievement. Some of the interactives have already been released by the operators. Some of the games which are already available for Synottip are The Story of Alexander, Zodiac Wheel, Amazon’s Battle, Burning Hot, Rise of Ra, and so many others.

The Managing director of EGT, Todor Zahariev, has said that the partnership can work as a significant step. It is a great strategy for the growth of EGT Interactive as it will help to expand it over a regulated market. For both sides, the deal has created a win-win situation. Zahariev also believes that after long waiting, their plan has become successful.

The management of Synottip has also commented on this here. They have said that they are very happy to find out the Czech company like EGT interactive who has come to grow the positive partnership with them. They are very pleased to have them. They have expressed their gratitude by saying thanks to them.

They think that they will be able to offer the best content. The company also wishes to offer the best products for the players so that those exceed their current offering. They have thanked greatly to the players too, as they have also supported them with their love. The management of the Synottip also believes that both of their co-operation will be proved as very effective to build a great portfolio. Though they have a clean portfolio already but serving Czech locals, they want to achieve a dynamic experience.

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