Entain is to Drive Malta Gaming’s Future with its Epic Vision

Innovation, sustainability, and growth-these are some features that can be used to describe the gaming entity Entain, one of the most popular and trendy gaming companies in the world right now.

Entain was previously known as GVC Holdings and now has become the largest gaming and sports betting group with more than 25,000 employees. ARC is a name of a pioneering technology to provide customer protection. The technology provides unimaginable safeguards for customers of its virtual sports betting and other gaming brands by deteriorating problems even before they could be realized or comprehended.

The company has completed the initial phase of the program and remarkably extended behavioral patterns and indicators to identify whether the player is at risk or not. When complete, the ARC program will set to revolutionize the traditional conception of responsible gaming and take it into a new era of more proactive and personalized, technology-driven protection, which can widely be applied across many forms of virtual gaming and sports betting entertainment.

Besides, Entain has committed to donating 100 million pounds over the next five years being a part of this program and additionally including the new Pitching In investment program that bolsters grassroots sports. The company has complete faith in all the measures it is taken, and it also believes that those measures underline its commitment and aim to provide outstanding career growth opportunities for the employees of the Entain regardless of where they are based on and to support the communities in which the Group maneuvers.

Should Expand for More

The gaming and sports betting group believes that in terms of the iGaming industry, Malta should continue to focus on luring the most prominent companies to lead them with setting itself to be a pioneer among those companies.

They should keep pushing themselves to commit to more than just to get the opportunity to operate in a complete 100% regulated industries, or market. The group is now also looking to present itself to more audiences and bring itself to the front line of the gambling and entertainment industry.

From its approach and vision, Entain’s aim to lead the technological development in the gaming industry is evident, while it also sets to give back to the benefactors.

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