Expansion of the MGA Games with New Products

An exciting plan has been revealed by the MGA Games this week for the next year. The company is planning to launch 15 products related to IP to enter into a new market. MGA Games has developed a sequel for its successful Chiquito de la Calzada with the celebration of the 100th game.

Revealed the vision for 2021

It has revealed its vision for 2021 regarding the development of online gambling. On Thursday this week, it has revealed its plan by hosting an online event named MGA Games Day, where I said that it is going to enter into a regulated market in 2021. They are planning to launch a different type of Casino Slots for Spanish celebrities.

To make this endeavor successful, they have developed a new type of casino roulette. It also declared that the products they are launching would be featured in IP fully with the image of the popular character.

Among the 15 new products, 7 of them will be Spanish slots, and 8 of them will be 5-Reel Slot Series. Improved audio and the mathematical algorithm will be used there.

According to the statement of the MGA Games, brilliant two games will be launched during the first quarter of the year. Well-known character Jordi Catala will be featured in the first “Toi” slot. Casinos of Portugal and Spain have already got success with this.

In the second game, Spanish celebrity Yola Berrocal has been featured here with Leticia Sabater in this five reel slots game.

Besides these, the MGA Game is going to celebrate its new product launch with so many surprising activities. It believes in acting globally but thinking locally. The success of the Spanish Celebrities will be replicated in the varieties of markets.

Marga Fernandez, the sales director of MGA, added that the expansion would be started from Portugal as it is regarded as one of the targeted markets. The Portuguese celebrities will launch the operations in their country.

The company is planning to enter countries such as Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Italy, and Bulgaria.