Experts Advised Canadians to Address Fixing Before Legalizing Sports Betting

Attempts to pass single-game variation of sports betting in Canada have to rest until lawmakers can come back next month to Ottawa, as Parliament gets to adjourned for Christmas. However, the time they may reconvene, a minimum of one expert is provoking them to take measures in opposition of match-fixing before attempting to extend gaming options.

Sports Betting

Author and Journalist, Decan Hill wrote an op-ed for the Globe and Mail of Toronto remarking that elected authorities need to take more measures before they approve any single-game gambling. It includes installing a law making all types of match-fixing illegal.

Hill is also concerned with partnering sportsbooks with colleges, believes that approving single-game betting is an appreciative idea because the market is presently controlled by organized criminal minds. He said that Any law that can assist plummet that criminal earning source is always a positive measure.

David Lametti, Attorney General and the Federal Justice Minister of Canada filed C-13 last month. The bill of the liberal leaders came to light after lawmakers in opposite parties, pioneered by Kevin Waugh, MP of Saskatoon-Grasswood and Conservative, had submitted again a similar termed proposal to extend gaming scope in Canada.

Though Canada has approved sports betting, players can only play them through parlay wagering. This variation of betting requires players to choose several winning events without any loss to win.

Hill is also a teacher of investigations at New Haven’s University Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, remarked that the country has long been contemplated a home of match-fixing.

Hill is not happened to be the only one to call the authority’s attention to this problem. The Canadian Centre of Ethics and McLaren Global Sports Solutions in sport has published a paper highlighting five urgent steps Canada needs to implement to solve match-fixing.


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