FansUnite has Got License from MGA

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has allowed the gaming license for FansUnite which is offering different types of gambling services in Malta. The wider market of the European Union (EU), has included pool betting, fixed-odds betting and various types of controlled skilled casino games.

Licensing of FansUnite

Operators who are registered here are getting access to the B2C and B2B FansUnite’s product. The B2B gaming supply license was issued against Askott Entertainment to ensure gaming supply. FansUnite was acquired in August to provide the solutions regarding white label services. The software license of this business will be sold to authoritative iGaming operators and sports betting organizations.

The service license of the B2C gaming will be held by FansUnite’s EGG in Malta. This facility will help FansUnite to promote its business offerings to the European market widely and will also give universal brand recognition easily.

For the execution of full white label gambling services, FansUnite licensing has become an asset to undergo regular law observation from the regulatory authorities. FansUnite now conducts its business operation with the partners such as payment processing and configuration, software testing and banking transactions.

Scott Burton who is the chief executive officer in FansUnite, says that they have spent long years for the creation of their special technology in gambling and now they are getting the desirable results and also became approved from the regulatory bodies internationally and locally. They promise that they will keep up the quality of the product maintaining the rigorous and stringent technical issues. They have been qualified for two licenses which have different purposes for the corporate needs. The audit team did not find any issue to provide their license, and they got the approval more easily than the others because of their transparency in the legal documents. They’re trying to collaborate with the new partners based on Europe to distribute their sports betting products to an expanded customers group.

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