For Tribal Operators Post-Covid Recovery

Novel coronavirus pandemic causes global shutdown from the last year, and for this shutdown, the tribal gaming facilities suffered a lot. However, there is a route to recovery, and many stakeholders are confident about it.

An industry professional host the faced hardship of the tribes and the recovery path as he was involved in tribal gaming.

On April 19, a digital speakeasy held on, and the quotes below are the selected quotes from the speakeasy.

Community Sense

Tribal gaming most impactful consequences are its effect on the community. To the Native American communities, the source of funding is this sector, and according to the group, it’s more than just a business.

One participant said that “it’s much more rewarding”. It has a more profound effect in the longer term, so just as opposed to gaming entertainment, it has a purpose.

When in the machine the quarter goes, that is doing some good and going to go somewhere. Moreover, in their government, they are helping the tribes and doing social services.

On a personal level, speakers talked about the impact of tribal gaming, while one described a transformational sector.

One participant says that “what it did for my family and me, I can talk about that. They said that out of the abject poverty it pulled them out. The pandemic reality gets even more challenging because of the community sense.

Active Loyalty and Recovery

The customer’s casino experience may get affected because seemingly here to stay with masks and measures of social distancing.

To find ways to engage and connect customers, one participant becomes so desperate in this social distancing era. The participant explained that “in tribe when you got a mask on, I think you create a partition in between you and the customer. To keep that loyalty going, in some way you have to make a connection. You want those recommendations and referrals”.

A strong sense of community I still felt really by saying this you want people to go away. So, it becomes almost more important, I think”. When it comes to customer comfort, safety protocols have added benefit. If the customer feels the environment is safe, they will spend it across the hospitality industry.


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