For Underage Player Incidents, Massachusetts’ MGM Springfield Fined $18K Since Christmas

Over the prior few months, for allowing underage patrons on the casino floor, Massachusetts regulators fined MGM Springfield $18,000. A free alcoholic drink also received by a minor.

Altogether, three confirmed violations there were. On Dec 25, Dec 31 and Jan 20, all the incidents took place.

According to the statehouse news service, a 17-year-old was on the casino floor on Christmas Day for about two hours. Also, a complimentary alcoholic drink served to the teen.

The casino officials realized the mistake only after the teen tried to cash out his/her winnings.

Promptly a cashier notified a security officer. State House News said that from the gaming property, the teenager was removed.

The security guards from the casino floor entrance declined to ask for the youth’s ID, and after that, the blunder took place.

On New Year’s Eve, the same thing happened again; the officer failed to ask for the ID. An 18-year-old on that date went to the gaming floor.

For 90 minutes, the teenager played 11 slot machines. Before serving a drink to the player, the cocktail server asked to show the teen’s ID. And this led the security officers to be notified about it.

On Jan 20, the third incident took place. And it happened when a 20-year-old walked on the gaming house-ground—the person ID has shown invalid when it became scanned. But the teen was still allowed in the gaming area.

At Security Checks Players Must Lower Face Masks

To protect the spread of Covid-19, it requires wearing a face mask. Players or visitors must lower their covers while entering the Massachusetts casino floor by security officers at the time of entrance.

Anyone under the age of 30 must have to show their ID to the casino’s security staff.

MGM Springfield said that at the time of each instance, they made a timely notification.

Through this process, regulators fully cooperated with MGM Springfield to remedy this matter, and proactive steps are taken.

The civil, administrative penalty is $18,000. MGM from the right to hear the incidents mutually agreed upon it.

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