From Female Poker Players PokerStars Collect More Feedback

PokerStars hosted the Our Voices initiative. Through this initiative, female players submit more feedback for a product. And the input expects to adjust better to the expectations and needs of female players.

PokerStars to Lead Change in Female Poker

PokerStars is sparing no effort for all poker players and for creating a competitive nurturing environment. PokerStars created a unique female-led poker community for female players. Now invite them to the world’s leading card room, and focusing on equality, they are celebrating International Women’s Day.

On an array of topics, female community members’ perspectives can know through the initiative “Our Voices”. The same faux pas is not going to make by the PokerStars. GGPoker did in welcoming Dan Bilzerian.

Instead, to hear the opinions of female players, Our Voices discussion will use by the PokerStars. It will help create a better-tailored gaming environment for women and help create a product for women.

In analyzing feedback, the platform will dig deeper to create a better-fit women product and improve on the existing experience. For the first time, PokerStars tried to perceive the platform and collect data about female players’ engagement.

To Build Fair Communities Collecting Data over the Years

The company always encourage a pro-active approach Among the community managers. They are trying to collect varying opinions of the women players. However, to understand the female poker community, PokerStars is making a focused effort for the first time.

To the fairer sex, the game has become more open and more liberal as through a minor mishap, GGPoker experience good learning. $10,000 poker event on Women’s Day launched by GGPoker, and thus the efforts have redoubled. Pokers explained its motivation commenting on the initiative.

In a more haphazard method, the company worked, verified by the PokerStars. The approach involves collecting their opinion through reaching out to individuals. In this way, it draws feedback.

In a single spot based on their feedback, more women are getting involved in this. By allowing it, PokerStars is happy, and they claimed that they dedicated to improving their quality.


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