Full Tilt Poker to Be Absorbed Ending a Glorious History of the Game of Poker

A glorious chapter of the history of poker is about to end as PokerStars officially absorbed Full Tilt Poker. With all the avatars, adverts, and exhilarating tournaments, Full Tilt Poker has put a permanent stain on all its patrons’ minds and habits. Their lives will not go back to the norm in a world without FTP.

It has already been 10 years since the government led by Obama brought all the virtual poker platforms to closure. Since that time, people cannot play poker in their favorite online venues. Waiting no longer for the situation to take an auspicious turn, the platform decides to let itself absorbed in the void. But will this decision make players who cherished Full Tilt for a long time to miss it? Maybe the answer to that question won’t ever be fully realized.

All Those Promises and Attraction

Though the name Full Tilt Poker is about to be eradicated from the world of men, some game-changing conceptions and approaches of the brand deserve worthy appreciations.

It had been the best online platform to play poker since its creation. It conducted some of the more innovative marketing stands that raised the zeal for poker in the souls of the players. They involved with them the names like Phil Ivey, Gas Hansen to radiate glamour. Not only that, but the brand also had Tom Dwan to take a pose with the poker table in his front and a cowboy hat on his head and look into a mirror calling forth all the poker lovers to learn, chat and play with the pros.

However, out of fortuitous misfortune, FTP fell victim to the scandal, losing all its reputation and spells.

Secrets Behind Affection

Involving many of the old stars of Cash Game played the most for FTP to catch all that attention. The site was a token of the aristocracy, which was enough to demand noble breeds’ affection. It had run games where thousands of dollars per hand were the minimum requisition to take part in. In such games, Poker Greats Viktor Blom and Patrik Antonius built such reputations that they are still untorn.

Aside from all these, the technologies used for the games were distinctly advanced, and that’s why people could not get along with any other platforms.

Despite its past greatness, the name of Full Tilt Poker is to be deleted from the world’s history. It demonstrated how disastrous a scandal could be.

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