How the Malta Gaming Industry Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

To determine the coronavirus pandemic impact on the country’s gaming industry, recently, the Malta Gaming Authority has conducted a survey. The global regulator surveyed by taking into consideration its permitted casino operators. Information and Research Unit conducted the survey covering several Gaming Revenue aspects, investments, and operations costs.

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic triggered the prevailing industry, and the MGA also considered it and to handle the same, the operators took subsequent actions. Accordingly, to the gathered survey reports, it becomes projected that in Type 2 games, the operators and B2C sector involves and experienced the worst hit. For this sector, the estimated revenue estimated to be 40 per cent less than the early prediction of 2020.

Meanwhile, Uncertainties created due to this pandemic situation and owing to this, the investment plan is planning to postpone by the operators.

The Covid-19 pandemic impact will continue to study by the MGA in future and, if needed, will conduct more survey. It is to clarify that the gambling activities are eventually declining by the limited movement, unleashed travel restrictions, completely halted significant events and business activities.

To assess the online gaming sector outlook, MGA surveyed the operators in online gaming in April 2020 in the Covid-19 pandemic context. This survey ultimately leads to movement and travel restrictions, constrained business activity, and complete cessation of significant events. To these changes caused by the pandemic situation, the gaming industry is not immune.

The survey, as mentioned above, includes the following key highlights:

B2C-License Holders

151 B2C operators covered in the survey of the Covid-19 Business Impact. In 2020, 12 per cent of the combined Gaming Revenue projected to drop, based on the survey results. The decrease in Type 2 (Sports wagering) gaming activities dives this primarily.

Type 2 gaming expected to hit the worst, and the operators expose this prediction. Based on the survey, the operators also predicted that 40 per cent of the Gaming Revenue expects to lower in 2020 than projected earlier.

The covid-19 pandemic impact on investment involves mainly the postponement of the acquisition on behalf of the B2C operators.


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