In Casino Worker’s Strangulation Montana Man Found Guilty

Cedar Ridge’s fatal strangulation, almost two years ago, Montana casino employee found in a guilty verdict.

In Bray’s death, Hernandez found guilty by the Montana Jury last week.

In the murder of Lori Bray (57) in October 2019, Diego Hernandez found guilty of deliberate homicide last week.

A relatively small Laurel casino after the end of late-night shift, Bray gave a ride to Hernandez, it revealed during the trial.

Bray closed the gaming venue before giving him the ride. For about 26 minutes, Hernandez waited for her outside as he was excited.

According to the Billings Gazette, he was the only other person at that time at the gaming property.

The prosecutor of the case, Senior Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney Ingrid Rosenquist, described how the versions of events changed by Hernandez to the Jury in her closing argument.

In the investigation, more facts confronted by bobs and weaves.

Confession of Hernandez

At the first two interviews with Yellowstone, he claimed that Bray was not well known to him, but that night, he got a ride from her, according to the Gazette.

But in the third interview, Hernandez confesses that he was in a relationship with Bray for a year and a half.

Hernandez told the police that they engaged in sex in a shack near his home. Bray was alive afterward and drove away, Hernandez claimed.

On that night to get rides with other women, Hernandez made attempts before interacting with Bray. Hernandez moved to the Planet Lockwood strip club in Billings before the day Bray went missing.

To leave with him, he tried to get a woman. But the third person refuses to drive her, who was going Hernandez that night.

The reporter said that Hernandez and the driver getting into a fight because of the dispute.

On the following night, at first, Hernandez went to another local casino, the Locomotive.

The report said that he asks a ride twice to a female bartender while he was there. She refused, and then he proceeded to Cedar Ridge.

To Convict Hernandez, DNA and Footprints Used

In the murder trial, physical evidence plays a significant role. DNA report revealed that Bray’s fingernails matched with Hernandez. There were scratches in the body which was not present before getting the ride from Bray.

Bray’s car found north of Laurel after her disappearance. The cell phone and purse were inside; there were also some clothes inside.


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