In Central Shooting of Las Vegas, 3 Injured and 1 Critical

On Monday afternoon, outside of 7-Eleven in Art District, three people were shot and critically injured.

Misael Parra. The spokesman Metropolitan Police Department said that just after 4 p.m., the officers were called to 7-Eleven before in the convenience store a fight broke out at 1100 Las Vegas Blvd. s.

The fight shifted to outside, and before taking off a red Dodge Neon, at least one person started fire and three people got hit.

Parra said all the three people shot taken to the University Medical Center.

Near East Desert Inn Road and University Center Drive, the Dodge was followed by the police officers as it headed to the South, Parra said. The police followed the Dodge using the police helicopter and patrol vehicles. Occupants in the other cars were safe.

After the crash from the Dodge, four people run. He took one to the trauma unit of University Medical Center as he got hit by the car. As of Monday evening, the condition of that person remained unknown.

The other three taken to custody while they were trying to escape. Parra said that with minor injuries, one taken to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. That person’s injury’s nature was not precise.

Shooting Details

Across the street from the 7-Eleven, there were four patrol cars at the Monday evening shooting scene, and one vehicle of the Las Vegas Fire Department was in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot at 1121 Las Vegas Blvd. South.

A reporter of the corporate website directs that the 7-Eleven Employees refuse to mention on Monday evening.

Monday evening, circumstances were not cleared about the fight, which ultimately led to the shooting. As of 6 p. m., the officers were rerouting the drivers and blocking the traffic. As the detectives continue to investigate until about 8 p. m., they expected the roads to shut down by Parra.

If anyone has information, can contact the Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 and remain anonymous or contact Metro at 311.

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