UEFA Digs Deeper into Ibrahimovic Bethard Ownership Case

To investigate the involving case of Bethard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, UEFA has appointed a disciplinary and ethics inspector. If the player breached the UEFA ethics code, the player might face three years of suspension. In Italy, already small fines have issued to Ibrahimovic and AC Milan.

However, UEFA’s disciplinary and ethics inspector will investigate the soccer legend and AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ethics Inspector to Investigate the Ibrahimović’s Bethard Case

The allegations against Zlatan Ibrahimovic are looking closer by the UEFA. The most critical allegation is he has connected to a wagering company. On Monday, a disciplinary and ethics inspector appointed by the governing body of European soccer is to investigate the allegations.

However, A Swedish newspaper published a report, and the investigation comes in the wake, which claimed that in Bethard, Ibrahimovic shared ownership. Furthermore, Bethard is a sports gaming company, and in 2018 he joined it.

They will be a massive problem if the claims prove true because it would violate FIFA’s Code of Ethics. The FIFA Code clearly stated that companies that promote lotteries, sports gambling, or similar organizations could not engage in it.

In its statement on Monday UEFA explained that a disciplinary and ethics inspector had been appointed to conduct the investigation.    He gets appointment to investigate the potential UEFA disciplinary regulations violations by Mr. Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The charge against him is that he had connection with the gambling company.”

Allegation Against Ibrahimovic

If the Ibrahimovic allegations turn out to be true, he could have to pay and face a sports ban of around $109,000. If the allegations become true, he would have faced the participation ban in any soccer or related events for up to three years.

However, for more couple of years to stay with AC Milan, a contract already signed by Ibrahimovic. Moreover, this means that up to his 40th birthday, he will still be a part of the team.

Meanwhile, both the club and the player would count a small fine charged by the Italian Football Federation. AC Milan with Ibrahimovic has not hesitated to sign the contract despite the levied allegations against him. However, an unmistakable sign sends by this contract that AC Milan would stick by its player.

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