IPI Attorney Suffers Ethical Conundrum and Decides to Leave

Another name has come in front to completely done with his job in Imperial Pacific International (IPI). George Hasselback used to be an attorney who has been representing IPI and defending all the controversy and incompetency raised against the casino operator by companies like Fox Financial and others. But now, as it appears, the attorney himself has renounced all his responsibilities associated with IPI and stepped away. According to his last update, a request has been sent to the casino operator on behalf of him to withdraw his part of representing it on February 12. A judge has reportedly approved his petition the last day. Considering his moral cause and the quandary he has been facing for backing all those corruption, Magistrate Judge Heather Kennedy gave permission to the attorney to leave IPI.

In a statement, Judge Kennedy explained that the court found Hasselback’s assertions that further representation of the company might obligate him to transgress several key ethical obligations trigger immediate and mandatory abdication. In addition to this statement, she said that Hassleback is required to present details to formalize that his mandatory abdication is warranted.

IPI to Get More Scrutinized

It might never be possible to know the nature of the quandary Hasselback is confronting because of the attorney-client relational privilege. But it’s no wonder that the casino operator will understand how closely it is being monitored and scrutinized. The conclusion of all these is still guessing material.

Among all the accusations and adverse situations IPI has been dealing with since last year, the lawsuit inflicted by Fox Financial is based on an arrangement that the company came with another company, Forson Holdings. IPI signed as a guarantor of an agreement between Fox Financial and Forson Holdings on which Forson leased some properties from Fox back in 2016. Later, Forson failed to cope with the agreement and fell behind, and as for the IPI, it declined all the responsibilities and decided not to follow the terms of the agreement to cover Forson in the event of a payment.

As it appears, bad days and events are not leaving the trail of IPI. Not a single day goes by for the casino operator without falling into a totally new controversy.

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