Lockdowns will be Effective for the Danish Casinos Until Next Year

All the casinos will be closed in 38 municipalities by December 9, because of the announcement by the Danish Gambling Authority. These new lockdowns will be active until January 3, 2021, to prevent the spread of coronavirus to a great extent.

The authority is taking all the necessary measures to reduce the effects of COVID-19 in this upcoming winter. Odense, Copenhagen, and Aarhus are extremely remarkable of the effects of the pandemic, and severe restrictions regarding public meeting have been imposed on these regions.

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In this temporary shutdown, restaurants and casinos are requested to hold their operations. Safety measures by the nation will be extended more in the upcoming February. Reportedly, limited gatherings and maintaining social distances are highly emphasized.

The renewal of the lockdown has been conducted when the applications of the newly land-based casinos were going to accept by Spillemyndigheden. According to the report of the correspondent, the application process was started this October, and January 29, 2021, was set as the deadline for the submission. The same timeframe was applied for the casinos which are operated in the board ships. This license would be validated for ten years based on the regulatory obedience of the casinos.

At present, there are eight casinos in the country, and among them, two operate their games on the boats. The other six companies are conducting their gambling business on the land. The casinos, which are based on the ships, are the sources of huge tourism attraction. Thousands of tourists outside of this country come to take the pleasure of gambling on the boats.  A new casino is going to be opened soon as the source has confirmed that the opening of it has been scheduled for the end of this year.

Researchers are getting the signs of the quick recovery of the loss that took place in the Danish betting market during the pandemic. In quarter 3 of 2020, the GGR or the gross gaming revenue was $14.16 million, which was $16 dollars in the second quarter of 2020. The online casinos are making more profit than the land-based casinos.

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