Macau Casinos Record Highest Total in April in More Than a Year

In last month, Casinos in Macau won $1.05 billion, and it is the most in the year since the Covid-19 shut down in the city. A more than year-on-year increase by 1000 per cent represented by the total.

With the guarded optimism, it can now say that Macau, with its post-covid-19 recovery, is headed in the correct direction. After suffering in a virtually non-existent revenue for a year, two consecutive improvement months now recorded in the city and the substantial gains brought in March and April. Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau in Macau released the latest figure, and the win in April was $1.05 billion. It seems that the trend will continue for a long.

Casinos in Macau Turning Optimistic

In March, the gross gaming revenue in Macau’s casinos is $1.04 billion, and by 1.1 per cent the April’s GGR improves. However, there is no significant improvement, the last month GGR recorded as the highest amount since the beginning of the global pandemic. Moreover, an upward trend followed in it which indicates the things are returning to normal.

Still, there is much work to do; compared to the same period figure in April 2019, the figure is still lower than 64 per cent. In April 2020, Macau closed its border with almost everyone, and it becomes a virtual ghost town, and there was off-limits in a casino visit.

In May, More Growth Coming to Macau

An even better month will likely be May if any indication is May 1. May’s first five days are known as the May Day Golden Week, and it has experienced a great start. According to the already released statistics, more than 44,000 arrivals recorded on May 1. However, since before they began of the pandemic, it’s the highest number.

For this year it is also recorded highest, from April 17 it’s 34,729. An average of 24,340 had in March, and a considerable gain could represent in April. However, yet the final figure has not released.

Arrivals on Sunday dipped to 36,000, and the number fell to 34,000 yesterday. The city expected a daily average of around 40,000, and the figure has not reached yet. For the long weekends first three nights, already many luxury hotels have sold.


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