Macau Expresses Solid Optimism about a ’21 Rebound Despite the Remaining Threat of COVID-19

The turbulence of COVID-19 is not over yet. Many businesses have found the year 2020 as a write-off and every time it appeared like the globe was overhauling the virus by one step. However, the troublesome virus has found or adopt a way to get its way back in the control. The betting industry has long been suffered remarkable setbacks due to the virus and the city of Macau is one of the places where the pandemic hit the hardest.

The city has lost almost 75% of its net betting revenue and observing days when the number of visitors was countable on a single hand. However, Macau is now showing the extraordinary capability to expiate the loss it has been suffered. It is quite optimistic that the current year will be far better than the one recently passed.

High Optimism

Macau’s Economy and Finance Secretary said stated in the day before that Macau will observe a consistent and favorable economy that year, with positive prediction and vibe going that Macau would be able to harvest GGR of about $16.28 billion. He noted out the forecast for visitation had not been reached, however put a strong emphasis on the uptick that remained ever since China decided to relax its regulation on visa travel at the last the summer end. It resulted in a remarkable level of traffic in Macau to observe the new year.

Lei also added that one of the objectives to remain some more length in order to provide support for Macau’s expiation. He narrated that they are attempting to develop new and improve existing products and services to provide their guests a warm and welcoming vibe and to allure them to come to revisit Macau.

Though he accepted that those efforts might demonstrate to be extra difficult than formally anticipated.

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