Malta Considers Issuing a Fifth Casino License

Malta currently has four casinos: the Dragonara Casino, Casino Malta, Portomaso Casino, and Oracle Casino. In an attempt to strengthen its casino industry, the island country is now contemplating issuing a Casino license for the fifth one. If the other conditions remain constant, Malta might have a fifth gaming property soon. The only barrier to achieve it is one awaiting approval from the government. A proposal for the new casino is on its way, but it requires any valid suitors to accept several restrictions.

In the official newspaper of the Malta government, the Malta Gazette, the country published an RFP the last day relating to a concession to install and operate a new casino on the island. The Privatization Unit of the country is overseeing all the procedures, and it is liable to make all the submissions public before April 7. To facilitate the procedure until then, various milestones have been placed, including a deadline of March 1 for any plead for clarification or edition on the RFP. All the requests and pleads will get responses before March 17, allowing the candidate two more extra weeks to submit their final proposal.

Requirements are Demanding to be a Proponent

Only the companies that are registered and established in the European Economic Region are allowed to submit proposals. The winner entity must be completely owned by the company. The new casino is advised to be established in a designated tourist area except for two certain spots. Comino and Gozo, two small islands among the 21 islands of Malta, are currently off-limit for casinos.

To obtain the license for this casino, companies must have to show their capability to cover all the costs; hence, it has to pay 22 million euros as a concession fee. The requisite for implementing 225 gaming instruments and 15 gaming tables will favorably offset the whole investment.

The Privatization Unit of Malta narrated on its official website that it was inviting all the Prospective Proponents to submit their bids for establishing and conducting a casino in Malta. The proponents must have a Gaming Authorizations Regulation certified Casino License.

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