Malta Gaming Authority and the Safety of Online Gaming

Malta Gambling Authority is working for the safety of the players online and successfully caught some miscreants. It was found that few of the gambling companies were doing illegal activities with the collaboration of the Mafia. As soon as the report was published by the Italian police, MGA took action against them. 

Actions against unauthorized activity

Our correspondent has found in this year that MGA has issues at least 23 fines and also cancelled the licensing of 14 companies because of the unauthorized activities. According to the annual license report, it is revealed that the fines have been imposed on 23 administrative organizations which were providing the services regarding online casinos in some countries where they were not authorized. 

Until now 89 applications have been received and 53 of them have got approval. But almost 44 of them were rejected because of the faults in the maintenance. By December, at least 294 companies got the license from MGA because of their appropriateness in their legal documents. 

It is also found that online gambling is a growing industry in the world now and a great number of a casino has been raised in the upcoming years. According to the online gambling companies, executing business has become very tough now as the laws regarding the gambling getting stricter gradually. 

In the US states, it is found that the majority of the operators are conducting their operations taking license from the MGA. There are some places like Hawaii and Utah which have banned all types of gambling. Even online lotteries are also banned from some of these states because of strict rules and regulations. 

In the case of online gaming, the safety is measured at the beginning of the distribution of the license by MGA. As running gambling websites are illegal in the US and for this reason, the providers take licenses outside from the US to conduct their businesses. 

Vincenzo Davari, a writer on Sweden's best online casino, is a reporter by profession, but a learner by nature who provides informative news regarding casinos and gambling. When he gets free time, he loves to travel and explore the unknown. His diligent work helped him to get the Journalist’s Award twice.