Maltese Gaming Regulator and Casino Owner Become the Murder Suspect and Accused of Masterminding the Murder

A casino owner accused of being the mastermind of a murder. The person who died was a prominent Maltese Journalist. It founds that an MGA official helped the casino owner to do the murder to get a license extension for gaming.

One of the biggest casino owners in the Mediterranean nation Yorgen Fenech is accused of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. the collusion of Yorgen Fenech and Malta’s gaming regulator becomes the latest allegation.

In 2015, Fenech’s Tumas Gaming Group send a letter for the Portomaso Casino’s license extension. The letter was later printed, signed by Fenech, and sent to Joseph Cuschieri, MGA Chief Executive.

Cuschieri Repudiation

It was a controversial denial. It was illegal to claim the license extension because it should be a competitive process and other parties should also have the right to bid for the license.

But Cuschieri denied the fact that there had been collusion between them (Himself and Fenech). Moreover, he added that there was no such question regarding the renewal of the license.

Times discovered the incident that in May 2018, Licari and Cushieri had enjoyed a Las Vegas trip which was all expenses-paid-trip.

When Fenech gets arrested three months before Cushieri had lunch on board Fenech’s Yacht, this is also admitted by Cashier.

There is also the allegation that Fenech has the car bomb killing through a middleman occurred at Galizia 2017.

Break Down of Government

Break down of govt’ occurs when Fenech gets arrested. There has been the allegation that Fenech had made a significant payment to the shell account and the account owned by the former energy minister of Malta.

Galizia’s murder trial against Fenech and three others is ongoing.

Cuschieri’s successor who was accused of trading with Fenech had resigned quietly last January.

Impeaching conversation has found on Fenech’s phone by the investigating police of Galizia’s murder. Sensitive commercial information about rival casino operators has been revealed through Fenech conversation recording.

Detailed information of an anti-money laundering investigation also has leaked through Farrugia.

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