Mashpee Tribe Celebrates Triumph over the U.S. Interior Department

With the change in the recent political condition in the U.S., the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s fortune has also taken a new turn. Recently a plead for canceling the official reservation designation of Mashpee tribe has been withdrawn by the pleader, the U.S. Interior Department.

In their documentation in the federal appeals court, the Department declared their latest attempt conferred with all the parties, and none was against the proposal. Convinced, a judge complied and dismissed the plead.

Jessie Little Doe Baird, the vice-chairman of the tribe, marked the incident as a win for the tribe. He dedicated the triumph to their ancestors who had fought to the death to protect their land and install sovereignty and respect.

The vice-chairman said in his statement that the inhabitants of the tribe wanted to end that painful chapter of their book of history. He also added that the decision of withdrawing the plead enabled them to proceed with their plans and actions to fulfill their commitment to becoming good stewards and protecting their land and the future of their forthcoming generations and providing for their citizens.

Just Another Victim of Trump Administration

The beginning of the battle between the tribe and the U.S. Interior Department dates back to 2020. It started when the Department faced blockage to revoke the reservation designation of the tribe. The court overruled the attempt noting it as capricious, arbitrary, and contrary to law.

The Obama administration granted over 300 acres of land to tribes who planned to build a $1 billion property featuring hotel and entertainment resorts and casinos with it. However, the interior department’s move to appeal for the cancellation of the tribe’s recognition hinders the growth of that plan.

Bill Keating, a U.S. representative, said that Trump’s administration was heartless while attempting to remove all the lands owned by the tribes from the trust. This administration hampered the advancement of the entire project on its every step by raising an appeal against it or inflicting serious charges like bribery and corruption on the chief of the tribe. However, with that period gone and a new era of Biden administration has flickered the tribe’s hope.

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