Massachusetts Considers Allowing Casinos to Restart Activities Amid Virus Issue

Several of recent reports have indicated that Massachusetts might be going through a new dilemma of Covid-19. The latest strain of the Covid-19 has reached the state raising the public tension to an overwhelming level. The new strain has already become a point of concern being said to be more infectious than its predecessor.

As of January 25, Governor Charlie Baker has removed the night curfew that was inflicted last November, and it is verily good news for the casino operators. They can now operate their casinos without binding themselves into any kind of restriction. They continue with their activities, hassle-free until the condition again turns into a disaster of any sort.

As of November 6, MGM Springfield, Encore Boston Harbor, and Plainridge Park have been drawing gamblers to their venue with persistence every day at 9:30 PM. Massachusetts’ casino revenue dropped remarkably in the previous year before, and it dropped even more at the later period when the betting properties were compelled to limit their capacities to just about 25% in December. That led to MGM and Encore properties closing all their resorts and hotels. Those action has left an unforgettable condition behind, and the impact of it can still be felt.

A Hope for Compensation

Governor Bake shows hope in his attitude in expecting people to be responsible this time and follow essential social distancing protocol to allow all commercial activities to restart. Besides different casinos, movie theatres, gyms, restaurants and more entities have been given the approval to resume their normal executions. The governor also explained that they all had the idea that they were not totally out of danger yet. However, Massachusetts has been going through a critical time for a long while. All these days have been hard for the local government and casino industry.

While all the casinos are allowed to reopen and run their operations around the clock, they still are obligated to abide by the state and local pandemic policies. Though there will be a protocol to limit their capacity by 25%, still casinos are hopeful for the opportunity to work all the hours of a day.

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