MGA and Slovak Football Association Inks a Data Sharing Agreement

Recently, The Malta Gaming Authority and the Slovak Football Association established a data-sharing agreement. Slovakia’s football governing, Slovak Football Association is one of the largest organizations in the country. More than 400,000 members are involved in this football association.

MGA and Slovak Football Association Deal is a Milestone

Antonio Zerafa, the Manager of the MGA’s Sports Integrity, stated that a continuously growing data-sharing agreement list was included in the Slovak Football Association agreement with international partners from the world of sports. However, they were proud that as an important contributor they were placing themselves in an important place through such agreements. Across the globe they were placing themselves as an important match-fixing investigation contributor. And they hoped that they would offer the same level of satisfaction to the Slovak FA.

Slovak Football Associations Integrity Officer Jakub Cavoj stated that “I hope that for both sides of this agreement will be helpful and to achieve a common goal it will help us. Through this agreement, we will be able to protect the sports competitions integrity. For the police investigations and Slovak FA in collecting evidence, this exchange of information could be significant. Many famous Slovakia’s betting companies owned a license of Malta gambling. The key to fight against match-fixing is the exchange of information and sharing best practice.

Agreement Between Two Parties

The two parties sharing agreement will facilitate through this agreement, in requirements fulfilment at law. Moreover, to comply with the sports betting law and maintain compliance, and protect Slovakian football’s integrity, the deal is a milestone for the two parties.

However, it joins the growing list of sports world international partners data-sharing agreements. Last week, in the meantime, from the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, the MGA published its data showing the number of dubious business deal reports received from the secluded betting operators.

In November, the Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism of MGA launched allowing to report of all suspicious activities by the MGA licensed sports wagering operators.

In 2018, the recorded report was 700, and it increases by 106.4 percent, and the represented complete annual report is 1,445. In 2019, 32 per cent of all the STR filing by three unnamed companies while 35 per cent of the information raised by five other companies.

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