MGA Anti-Mafia Investigation Terminated Three Gambling Operators

An Anti-mafia investigation has been conducted by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) against all the Italian licensees of it. This action has resulted in the shutdown of the three companies by the termination of their licenses.

Malta Gaming Authority got embarrassment because of the anti-Mafia police of Italy as they failed to find the bad apples in the licensees. But the regulators have taken the new steps, which seem to work now.

The reasons are really unknown why Giodani Limited, Potter Mrc Ltd, and Betent Group Ltd. has surrendered the licenses voluntarily. On the other hand, because of the constant pressure under MGA, more information cannot be requested.

The MGA has given the confirmation that it has canceled the license of another operator named LB Casino Ltd, which is also regarded as the parent company named Leaderbet. They were involved with money laundering and using the operations of Malta illegally on behalf of the criminals in Italy. Now, it is trying to take the license from Curacao and behaving as if nothing has happened.

Embarrassment of MGA

With the help of the Italian police, MGA found a Mafia-connection with these Malta-licensed companies. Benedetto Bacchi was arrested in early February because of the linking to 700 betting shops that are conducting their business illegally. He also had partnerships with the Palermo Cosa Nostra. B2875 and Phoenix are also Malta licensees.

According to the report of the Italian police, the operation used to generate $1.24 million profit each month, and the largest portion of it was distributed among the Palermo Mafia families.


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