MGA Depends on Its New CEO Much

The board of governor of Malta Gaming Authority has appointed Dr Carl Brincat as the chief executive officer for this gambling regulatory organization. The immediate effect will be on the gambling industry of all variations.

The appointment of Brincat was made with a competitive process of selection. The applications were going to receive from the 17th December 2020. MGA arranged a public call for the applications. Brincat is mainly a lawyer by profession. Previously he also served the MGA as the law enforcement and the legal officer. He has three years of training in the subject of criminal law. Having this vast experience has made him suitable for the post. For more than six years, he was invloved with the legal team of MGA.

About Dr Carl Brincat

Over the six years, the strategic direction of him is serving MGA to prevent the anti-money laundering activity. Brincat served the MGA’s legal team with full punctuality and dedication. His strategic direction has allowed the authority to provide a fair licensing opportunity to all the owners. From the past four years, he was a member of the strategic direction team where he was playing an authoritative role being a part of the regulatory committee.

About his appointment, Brincat expressed that it is a great honour for him to be selected as the leader of the organization. To work with the organization, one must have to be filled with zeal, and Brincat thinks he has the true zeal for that. He feels very proud as the authority has considered about him for this very position. Brincat promises to work diligently to raise the regulatory standards being committed to the organization and ensure the proper maintenance of the organization with his dedicated service.

However, it is essential for the organization that it will provide the license to the operators with proper verification of the legal documents. To set out the most congenial regulatory environment, he will work hard and ensure the laws with a proportionate, transparent and effective manner. He also sits for the BFIA (Board of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit and is an honourable participant of the Chamber of Advocates.


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