MGA Games Rules Slot Gaming with its Yola Berrocal Wild West

Spanish operators are realizing the potential of the 5-reel slot games after the introduction of Yola Berrocal Wild West. The slot is the long-awaited addition in the slot series “Spanish Celebrities Casino.”

In the first two weeks of the installment of this MGA game, it has managed to make the number one rank being the most played game. It has also become one of the highest-grossing game rankings as the second game for yielding the most income for associated Spanish operators.

The manufacturer, specialists in making localized slots for international operators, explained its commitment to developing five-reel games with a campaign they designed named “At MGA Games We Are Also Five.” The company has been reflecting success since the installment of the campaign.

Milestone Set for the Future

The founder and CEO of MGA Games, Joan Sanahuja seemed to be optimistic with their recent five-reel game’s launch. He claims to see a new future for MGA games in manufacturing such high-quality slots. In a statement, he has said that the company believes they have found their winning formula for all types of virtual casino operators. Yola Berrocal has set a milestone for the company and shown the enormous potential of their slot games, which include the five-reel slot games.

The latest Spanish Celebrities Casino Slot Games features a localized product and combines it with a celebrity personality. The chosen celebrities are generally well-known and quite popular among the public. Other than these, the latest series attributes more innovation like exclusive music, graphic style, totally updated visual effect to the five-reel game. Furthermore, the manufacturer has implemented new algorithms with high, medium, and low volatility that can adapt to any type of player.

MGA games is a game development company that specializes in large production development placed and targeted for international operators in the gaming sector. The company is a prominent provider of virtual casinos in Spain, and it has an influential presence in the global markets of Latin America and Europe.

When asked, the company gives credit to the wide varieties of production for its success.

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