MGA Games signed a strategic agreement, and Leander Games and a partnership was formed

Leander Games signed a strategic partnership with MGA Games, a renowned online casino producer production firm. This new partnership enables the rapid integration of MGA Games titles in LeGa platform-connected casinos.

Leander Games has created groundbreaking content for the world’s top online casinos in more than 25 different languages and uses all ISO currencies for more than ten years.

A strategic agreement was signed between MGA Games and Leander Games, and the perfect relationship was formed

The new alliance with MGA Games will provide affiliated operators with the ability to sell new globally popular slots and video bingos. More than 80 titles stand out for their outstanding animation, visuals, and download speed. Jessica Weaver, Abigail Ratch Ford, and Andy Soucek, the latest hyperrealistic series of slots, focused on a beautiful, hyperreal theme. The Latin Fiesta collection includes the Video Bingo portfolio with titles such as Calaca Party, Sea Bingo, and the Monester Bingo, mixing fun with cutting-edge technology to make any form of computer entertaining. And, as with the Spanish Bar Slots “La Mina de Oro Plus,” “Popeye Cazatesoros” and “CSI Miami,” the Spanish celebrities, whose personalities including El Dioni, María Lapiedra, and Arami Fuster continue to be active in their newest launches.

“MGA games are known globally for the high-quality local games they deliver. Steven Matsell, CEO of Leander Games, said we know that they will be hitting our operating base and are happy to greet them aboard.”

“We are persuaded that our wide range of goods will make a valuable contribution to Leander Games and will fulfill worldwide interests of online casinos. At MGA Games, we concentrate on developing and producing big production with a high level of creativity and 100% mobile technology,” said Joan Sanahuja, CEO of MGA Games.

Leander Games has formed a strategic alliance with MGA Games, a renowned development company for online casino producers. This new collaboration allows for the rapid incorporation of MGA Games titles into casinos linked to the LeGa network.

In more than 25 different languages, Leander Games has developed innovative content for the world’s largest online casinos and has been using all ISO currencies for more than ten years.