MGA Planning to Weed Out Illegal Casinos

MGA has cracked down most of the unlicensed entity in the Malta gaming and planning to weed out the activities of the unlicensed casinos. Malta has promised to crack down the illegal activities regarding its betting sectors.

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The Maltese Gaming Authority has already taken action against the licenses of 11 companies and finalized the process by the suspension of 11 gaming license. In the first quarter of the last year, cancellation of the license occurred with another eight companies. Eleven companies have also got the notice to mend their non-compliant activities.

In addition to this, in the first six months of the year 2019, the MGA has continued its implementation of the gaming act for the industries which are conducting their business on the land. Peter Spiteri, who is the chief officer of the finance program management of MGA, has ensured that the implementation will be completed effectively with the procedures based on the new requirements. Reviews and audits will be executed besides the usual investigation.

A large scale of the investigation will be done internationally to find out the gaming miscreants who are related to the match-fixing, money laundering and with the other types of criminal activities. Previously, some of them were found dealing with terrorism activity as they were funding a great amount of money for the flourishment of terrorism.

It has also signed with the Memoranda of Understanding with the Malta Police Force and the Gaming Authority of Sweden. Delegates from Ireland, Ghana and Lagos, are the part of the global information. The authority has made international requests from 33 cooperation and the regulators from 23 organization. According to jurisdiction, the agencies regarding law enforcement are taking the actions.

Zero Seven Gaming has got a suspension in the license because of its negligence to pay the fees and for not submitting the reports about the player funds.

Blackrock Media, which is the subsidiary of the Blackrock entertainment, had got a punishment of £2 million dollars from the Maltese Gaming Authority for not operating their business with the obligatory permits. The fine is considered the result of the joint investigation of the local police and the MGA.

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