MGA suspends the authorization of Knockout Gaming

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has cancelled the B2C gaming service license of Knockout Gaming Limited in the country over two violations of the country’s gaming regulations.

Knockout Gaming has been ordered to cease all its gaming activities in Malta, while the operator must no longer approve new customers or player deposits.

Knockout Gaming, however, must allow existing players to access its platforms and refund any funds already in the accounts of consumers.

According to the MGA, for the duration from June to November 2019, Knockout Gaming was found to have violated Regulation 51(1) of the Authorizations and Compliance Directive of the government and failed to pay its negotiated compliance contribution fee of EUR 20,044.35 (£ 18,226.65/$ 23,641.00).

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has cancelled B2C gaming licenses in the country from Knockout Gaming Limited due to two violations of the country’s gaming regulations.

The operator would no longer accept new customers or player deposits, while KnockOut Gaming was ordered to end all its gaming business in Malta.

The MGA Rules

This controller, otherwise called the Malta Gaming Authority, assists its licensees with stringent measures. It subsequently gained worldwide recognition for its authorization steps. Like this, that probably makes stages that fall under its cover the best and safest places you can visit to play. Gamers who pick MGA-controlled destinations will enjoy opportunities like:

  • The evolution of conscious gaming conditions
  • The raising of global gaming guidelines thus protecting the interests of buyers
  • Securing the rights of web players on approved premises
  • Guaranteeing the arrangement of acceptable gaming options on various gadgets
  • Checking all gaming exercises to minimize violence.

You should make a beeline for the MGA site and check for your selected stage among their rundown of licensees to know if your foundation falls under this controller.

However, knockout Gaming could allow existing players to access and repay existing funds in customers’ accounts.

Knockout Gaming is authorized under these licenses to provide fixed odds betting and casino gaming and operates four websites:,, and

The Knockout Gaming could be allowed to appeal the verdict.


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