More than 300 Casinos Think Malta as Their Sage Haven

Malta has become a safe zone for more than 300 casinos. There is only four brick, and mortar casino presence in the country and others are operated hiddenly throughout the country. It is found that casinos operate their business illegally here than in Spain and Italy.

Casinos Think Malta as Their Sage Haven

But the problem is arising gradually as the casino owners serve the mafias and work as the ATM booth for the transaction of the money hiddenly. Taking the licenses from Malta, the operators are serving their clients online. The gambling industry took its root here when Lawrence Gonzi, the then prime minister of Malta, introduced the gambling regulations online with the European Union in 2004.

This decision was proven so profitable, and now Malta is getting the highest interest by the operators to get the online gambling licenses. This industry is giving them an earning of 1.4 billion dollars of earnings annually. The GDP of Malta has taken a rise of 12% and got a kickstart to be independent financially.

The low-taxation facility has lured gambling companies all over the world. Every year hundreds of companies get licensed by this authority. The 28 member states of the European Union have already got the operating gambling license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Recently, this organization has made its rules stricter to combat money laundering. Besides, a close relationship has been found with the Mafias who are using the casinos to use their money in illegal activities. If they want to hide the source of their earnings, casinos can be the best tool in this case.

The Netherlands has already warned Curacao to be stricter with its gambling rules and regulations as Italian police have found some Mafia connections with the casinos. This Dutch kingdom is trying to impose the necessary laws, which are creating bad blood relation with the casino companies. The casino owners are claiming that the government is making their business tougher day by day. They think the government should be a little bit flexible as they are not out of taxation and listening. The law enforcement process over Europe has to raise worry to the casino investors to a great extent.

Vincenzo Davari, a writer on Sweden's best online casino, is a reporter by profession, but a learner by nature who provides informative news regarding casinos and gambling. When he gets free time, he loves to travel and explore the unknown. His diligent work helped him to get the Journalist’s Award twice.