Nagasaki, Osaka, and Yokohama Consider New Business Partners for Japan IR

Since the time when the first Japanese integrated resort was expected to be introduced, Nagasaki, Osaka, and Yokohama have experienced numerous changes. All three of the leading cities of Japan are about to gain licenses for casinos which will bring a new dimension to the future of Japan’s casinos.

Osaka Comes on Strong

In Osaka, a bid that was previously locked in MGM has come alive and become competitive again. With an assumption of Osaka’s IR not to be opened until before the end of 2020, the prefecture and city have announced the reopening of the application process. The governments of Osaka have announced that following that change in their policy, the Osaka city was to ensure fairness, and that’s why they would accept more applications from any other businesses as well.

MGM must have been shocked by the news as the company has been considered the only potential partner for the Osaka project from the start. The past year was tough for Osaka, and as the company now knows that it has no shortage of time to meet the opening date in 2025, it is now willing to take sufficient time to consider all the options.

Nagasaki Seems Affluent

With names like Casio Austria Japan, Niki Chau Fwu, One Kyushu, and the Oshidori consortium in its potential partner list, Nagasaki also shows a strong position for having an International Resort contender. Among all the contenders, the Oshidori consortium becomes a notable contender which have made Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment its partner in January. Now, this pair is hoping to build an IR that highlights the diversity and the culture of the area. To do such, these partners will have to reach out for help from local infrastructure to comply with the Nagasaki government.

Yokohama Still Hopes

Yokohama seems to be the least successful among the three cities as it has announced the approval for one operator as a possible partner, and it hasn’t mentioned the name. It has its door open for other partners to submit their proposals till May 17.

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