National Council Defines March as Problem Gambling Month

March has been designated by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) as the Problem gambling awareness Month. The council decided on no celebration for March, unlike others. Instead, it has marked the month as a warning to people who are prone to form a gambling addiction.

The NCPG made March its Problem Awareness Month. One of the reasons is the commission has included the heart-throbbing NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament. “March Madness”- the other title for the tournament might radiate the luminance of craziness people observe it with. It never fails to deliver some awe-striking, nail-biting moments along with admirably unforgettable heroics.

The NCPG shows concerns noting the likeability of the tournament to make some more bettors, which might result in nothing but harm. NCPG executive director said that March Madness every year increases gambling, and NCPG sees rising demand for its related services. In addition to that, he also said that what people are not realizing is that they are already exhibiting addictive behavior, and they also know they have solutions and help to cope with that addiction.

Since its foundation, the NCPG has never been in favor of or against legalized gambling. The council’s only concern is to make programs and treatments available to addicts and problem gamblers.

Pandemic Problems

Covid-19 confined Americans at home much of the time of 2020. Having to stay at home and work remotely, people sought entertainment facilities on the world wide web. At that time, the world observed a surge of online casino joiners and enhancement of those casinos’ gameplay and features to surpass the users’ expectations.

In Pennsylvania, gross gaming revenue (GGR) reached $565.7 million only in online casinos. For the same platform, New Jersey saw doubled revenue in comparison with the last years.

Unfortunately, resources and problem gaming protections are limited to the American gamblers who chose to play on an offshore, unregulated casino site.

Unlike offshore casinos, local markets are highly regulated and obliged to follow numerous player protection measures and status like offering gambling limits to the customers, guiding them to play responsibly, and providing self-exclusion lists.

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