New Business Development Director of Pariplay is Jose Micallef

In the iGaming industry, a leading aggregator is Pariplay Ltd. The new Business Development Director of Pariplay is Jose Micallef.

How Pariplay’s Plans will Boost by Jose Micallef’s

Through the partnership with the worldwide game studios and with the leading operators, Pariplay continues to expand globally. The strategic operations of the company lead by Jose Micallef. He experienced a similar position in the B3W group for 7 years and in NetEnt. Pariplay expects to face a boost because of this industry’s know-how. In the different regulated market and the United States, the Pariplay company grows over time.

On a global scale, over more than 16 regulated markets, the company’s platform expands; Christine Lewis, the CCO of Pariplay, said this. Pariplay, by keeping its momentum, wants to move forward through signing different strategic partnership projects. In this exciting time, another optimized strategy of Pariplay is to appoint Micallef as the new Business Development Director.

The Industry Sit up and Take Notice by the FusionTM Platform

From the industry’s leading developers, thousands of titles included in the extensive portfolio of Pariplay. On its FusionTM platform, it hosts proprietary slots.

Pariplay’s Business Development Director Miscaleff said that the reach on the comprehensive platform of FusionTM, the work of Pariplay is expanding. Many in the industry cause to sit up and take notice by the FusionTM Platform.

He also said that he wants to join the dynamic team of the company. The group recognized for their hard work, and they resonate ability with players in worldwide regulated markets; the team is recognized.

Pariplay Expands Its Footprint

In the platform of its Fusion aggregator, Gamshy Games welcomed by Pariplay. The portfolio of Pariplay is even more alluring with the state-of-the-art games of Gamshy. Jumping Sushi, Western Barn, Fruit Tribe, and Inferno are some of Gamshy’s players’ favorite titles. On the platform of Pariplay, all these are available.

With Valiant Pariplay fortified its link at the end of 2020. They sign an agreement, and their partnership extends for a further three years. Valiants’s branded games will release by Pariplay, and Valiant allowed it, according to the deal. Among the players, the fun of valiant are trendy, Pariplay stated that.


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