New Plans for MGA Games:  Broder Market and Attractive IP Products Will Be Created

Earlier in this month, MGA games disclosed the exciting plans for the next few deals. The company is trying to enter the new market and reveal the latest products to its customers. It is celebrating its 100th game, MGA games can develop a successful negotiation in this ceremony.

MGA games disclosed the vision for the year 2021

Game developer company in online, MGA games has already announced the attractive plans for 2021 on the last Thursday. They are trying to involve in the regulated market in 2021.unauthorised and unregulated market will be avoided in this running year. As there is some constant innovation, MGA games are planning to launch a new and extensive range of Spanish casino slots.

Furthermore, this company has already said that it is trying to develop a new segment of casino-related products. In this case, the MGA games have already launched the feature of intellectual properties and images for well-known characters. Jose Antonio Giacomelli, the DG of MGA authority has declared that the best bet will be the feature IP in 2021 in MGA games. This company is going to develop the 14 new products, and almost half of them is in Spanish slots. Rest of them will be in the form of reel slot series. It is mostly developed for improved analytical series and mini gaming slots.

Two new games will be launched in 2021

This statement is from the MGA gaming authority. They are trying to launch two exciting games at the beginning of this year. The first one is in the TOI slot. It is included the famous character of Jordi Catala. He proved to be a viral phenomenon and achieved some success in Portugal and Spain. And the second one is based on the new Spanish slot series which is about the casino industry.  This five slots game will feature the celebrity Yola Berrocal and Visus Geminate. The authority if MGA games are trying to attract the customers by setting some specific plan. The sales director and managing representative both are trying to achieve the target from the market.

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