New Race Tracks Could Lead in Nebraska Due to Gambling Expansion

After gambling legalization in the state for racing tracks, new guidelines considered by Nebraska’s office during the Racing Commission meeting.

In Nebraska, state officials expressed that on racetracks, casino legalization could have an impact. With the proposed restrictive geographic guidelines, some of the members were not happy, and they called it unconstitutional and closed class. Some new racetracks will open by the companies as the casinos become tired of them, said Connor Park, COO.

The Industry Drives to Uncharted Territory by the Gambling Expansion

This week, at the Nebraska Racing Commission meeting, guideline proposals and concerns expressed by the officials. It became clear that the already existing tracks will be affected by the new casinos and new racetracks, and with this decision, it ended.

Some of the biggest winners are Horse racetracks from gambling legalization, as with horse track locations, the casino will tie.

The new horse racing tracks may be the new casino’s state official’s wonders. For building those tracks, they want a plan.

There could be an adverse effect which they are seeing, said the Racing Commission members. The industry would drive to uncharted Territory due to expansion of wagering, they said. In tracks with betting legalization, there would likely be more interest.

More Competition Not Expected by All

To revive interest and appeal to fan for decades, horse racing is trying to find a new way. In Nebraska, new casinos tried to be in racing tracks with the wagering expansion; the future looks promising for the industry. However, in the betting business, not everyone wants to see competition.

Chris Kotulak, CEO of Connor Park, said that if nearby casinos to undercutting their revenue, the new casino would never reach its potential.

Closed Class: Restrictive Geographic Guidelines

Due to location-based restrictive guidelines, some were not happy. Lynne McNally, Nebraska Horseman’s Benevolent Protection Association’ Vice President, said that it’s not constitutional if it is a closed class initiative; to enter into the class, there have to be opportunities.

Dennis P. Lee, the Racing Commission Chairman, states that, at the time, the commission could not produce a potential, but in 2, 3 or 10 years, the business could seem to be a lot different.

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